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Coronavirus, The world and the people.

Since the outbreak of Corona virus in Wuhan, China in December 2019 and its consequent spread to almost all countries in the world, it has become a global epidemic bedevilling the world and nations has been battling on how to stem the tide and curtail the outbreak and the subsequent loss of lives it has brought, with the USA, Brazil, Italy, Spain, France and Britain being the worst hit among countries of the world, despite all efforts by the World Health Organization (WHO) and scientists all around the world to find a permanent cure to the virus, it hasn't yielded much fruit, and its cure yet to be discovered, nor fully developed.

The effect of this global pandemic on countries and people alike cannot be overemphasized, from economic, to psychological, the world has been traumatized since the beginning of the year up till this present day, due credit should be given to medical and health workers all over the world, for their tireless efforts to see that this virus is curbed and also defeated, front line workers who put their lives on the line of duty just to make sure that this virus is defeated and making the people safe deserves all the commendation they could get.

However, despite all the efforts to radicate this epidemic, the world is still grappling with it and in many countries there has been s surge in cases recently, rather than a decline with no end yet in sight to it, I feel the world should move on from it, the world don't have to be grounded because of this coronavirus, nations and its people all over should accept the harsh reality that this virus and the epidemic ain't ending soon, social, economic and academic activities should resume gradually.

The people should do that while observing all the health guidelines by health workers, of which include social distancing, use of face mask, face shield etc, while hoping that surge will slowdown and nipped in the bud totally.

We all know that coronavirus is real and in existence but hunger virus is also real and deadlier, especially in developing nations.

What do you think ?

Feel free to let me know.

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