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Today's News 18th-7-2020: 6 Counties With The highest Cases And Death Records Of Corona Virus

Hi readers,am here to enlighten us about the pandemic going on, which is know to be Corona viruses.

Let me bore us a little about the virus. Corona virus is a deadly transmitted virus, which occurred last year in China 2019, the illness is common with cold, severe acute respiratory syndrome (Sars) and middle East respirator syndrome (Mers) the symptoms are fever, cough and tiredness.

It spreads through hand shake,hugs e.t.c. with my research china were the first country with the highest Cases recently now 9 Counties are so effected which are United State, Brazil, India,Russia,Peru, and Chile

First on our list is the United state

The U.S is a country with 50states covering a whole lots of South and North America with Alasha in North West and Hawaii. The states includes California,Texas, Florida etc. The population with last year record was about 328.2 million people.

Due to this pandemic United States had recorded about 3,497,877 cases and the the death lost is about 137,407 due to the corona virus.

2. Brazil one of largest country in both south America and latin America.

The country has recorded 1,966,748 effected with Corona virus and lost about 75,366 people

3. India is a country in South Asia and they are the second most populated county in the world

They speak both English and Hindi. So far India has recorded 968,857 people effected with the corona virus and over 11,753 people are dead already.

4. Russia is a transcontinental country located in eastern European and northern Asia.

They are about 144.5 million people and due to the pandemic about 745,1967 are tested positive to the corona virus and 11,753 people are dead.

5. Peru is a country in South America,in the home of Amazon rainforest.

Peru positive cases are 337,751 and close to 12,417 are recorded dead.

6. Chile is a narrow county stretching along south America western edge, with more than 6,000km Pacific ocean coastline.

Their cases are over 321,205 and 7,186 people are dead so far.

Dear Readers,pls let's stay safe

Corona virus is real, always sanitize and keep social distancing. Too bad many lives were extremely lost,may the Lord help us all and safe the World. Amen

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