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How to survive the covid-19 pandemic

How to survive the covid-19 pandemic

The covid-19 pandemic came with a surprise. No one expected it will go this far. If we had known that such pandemic could cause alot of damage to the economies of the world, one would have prepared for such disaster. In the human race, there is always away to balance the system of the world. Now, to survive the era of covid-19 pandemic, I give my following advise

1. Adjust

As an individual or household you have to adjust your expenses, cut down your daily needs. If you spend 5000 naira daily cut it down to 2500 naira.

2. Substitute

Go for substitute goods, I mean goods that can still meet your needs at a cheaper price. Eg. If you where formaly taking bourvita, Milo beverages that cost 1150 naira or more, now go for other products new in the market that is worth 850 naira.

3. Self pity

Stop pitying yourself that you are lacking some basic needs of life. My dear you are not the only one facing such hardship. Get yourself together and carry on the struggle.

4. Investment

To be sincere, if you are wise this is the time to invest on that your savings. No matter how little your savings, look for something to multiple it. Your target towards investing that savings is to multiple it.

5. Avoid luxury buying

This is the time for you to avoid buying luxury goods that won't bring you income, eg luxury cars, mobile device, clothes and rent. 

6. Avoid unnecessary pleasure

Although, the covid-19 situation had driven the human race indoors. Despite this, avoid unnecessary pleasure such as indoor clubing, drinking, fornicating etc. Unnecessary pleasure can take you early to the grave in this covid-19 pandemic.

7. Income, food and shelter

This are the areas you should watch out very clearly. This aspect in your life must not run dry. They should be active and keeping you going, you must cultivate a good attitude and skills to manage this areas. Else if the areas are not properly managed it can lead to sucidal attempt.

8. Tolerance

The covid-19 pendamic era needs alot of tolerance from your inner self to your family, neighbors, relatives and Friends.

9. Loneliness

Avoid loneliness, engage your self in doing one or more things that will benefit yourself and the community where you are. You can even volunteer yourself to a community work. Volunteer yourself to care for the less privilege if you have much.

10. Speak out

Don't keep yourself dying inside, if you need help please speak out to people around you. Don't be shy and die in silence. If you have no food, and you are able to cry for help in ten house in your community, at least three house will be able to meet your needs. If you need to be loved, look for people who wants to love, look for them they will appreciate you.

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