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Reactions To The Video Of Nigerian Youths Caught Spraying So Much Money On Their Pastor

A video of some Nigerian Youths seen raining money like dewfall on their pastor in church on Sunday, was shared on social media platform. Times are hard but when you watch some people spend money, you would be forced to think that money is everywhere.

It amazing how people can spend so much money in this Corona Virus period where a lot Nigerians can barely eat. The question is, is this the right way of spending money? This video that got a lot of people talking, explicitly revealed some youths who thought showing their gratitude to God by spraying money on their pastor.

The post That has gone viral on Twitter platform, didn't say the kind of job these excited Nigerian Youths do, but it only says they are self employed. See the screenshot of the post below:

Reactions to the above post, seem to have different depiction of the youths' attitude. Many see them as being so extravagant and disrespecting the house of God, while a few others suggest differently. Below are screenshots of some of the comments:

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