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The Fear Of Covid-19 Is The Beginning Of Wisdom: See Super Funny Pictures And Jokes For Your Weekend


Do you know the power of a good laugh in your health? Sometimes people underestimate importance of laughter and it's efficiencies.

It advisable to always engage our ourselves in moments of laughter because it does a lot in our health. According to scientists, a good laughter helps in prolonging our lifespan and makes us look younger all the time.

We should always engage our selves in funny memes, pictures, jokes or any other funny activities to keep body and soul together.

Joke in the other hand said to be a short humorous piece of oral literature in which the funniness culminates in the final sentence, called the punchline. Therefore, we included some funny jokes in this article for you to laugh out your worries.

Here are some funny pictures and memes For You:

1. are all in the higher institution. power of weed.

12.13.Men can cook better, my brother it has started oo.

14.15.16.Even you grandma.

17.The fear of covid-19 is the beginning of wisdom.

Here are sweet jokes for you

18. Akpos bought a Power Bank of N450 only, and was very happy thinking he cheated the seller, it happens that his Phone is the one charging the Power Bank.

19. Just imagine the embarrassment when you're sitting beside your crush in church and suddenly your younger sister came to you with 10naira in her hand and said, "Brother,mommy said I Should give you this money for offering".

20. The way things are changing these days, even pregnancy period changes these days, imagine somebody will get married in April and give birth in August.

21.Conversation between a daughter and her Daddy:

Daughter: Daddy, I want to go and collect my textbook from my friend .

Father: My friend, will you sit down! That's what your mom used to tell her father back then when she wanted to visit me.

22. Mr Ibu returns a book to the library, shouting and yelling, “I read this entire novel; there are too many names of people and no story at all!” The Librarian looks up and replied, “Idiot! So you were the one that took our attendance book?"

Hope we succeeded in making your day?

Comment below which of the pictures and jokes made you laugh loud.

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