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(Covid-19) Access Diamond Bank helps to reduce the spread of Corona virus.

Due to the spread of covid-19 (pandemic) many people has lost their lives across the country.

People can no longer visit there friends and family, works and businesses or even worship centers due to the pandemic.

Access Diamond Bank PLC has introduce social distance between costumers by issuing number to each customers coming into the Bank so that there won’t be crowd in the Banking hall.

Any customer entering the Bank must put on a facemask and use sanitizer before entering the Bank.

Access Diamond Bank bringing social distance helps in circulation of money because without deposit there won’t be withdrawal and business will fall at the same time money will loose it value.

(Opinion) Banks should take good care of there costumers by introducing social distance and also employ more workers so that customers will not be kept waiting.

Use the comments box and give us your opinion on what Access Diamond is doing to reduce the spread of covid-19 virus.

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