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School Resumption: These States Should Reopen Schools As From 3rd Of August 2020, (My View)

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Initially the Federal government of Nigeria decleared the closure of the country's economy and other sectors such as schools, markets, banks, offices, businesses, garages, bars, airports and so on.

Although this was due to the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic in the country and to also serve as a measure to prevent the further spread of the deadly disease.

After some agitation and complains from high leveled personalities, organization stakeholders and citizens, the Federal government considered the gradual easing of lockdown.

In the first and second phase of the gradual easing of lockdown, all sectors were allowed to resume activities exempting schools only.

The truth is that, if all the above mentioned sectors especially markets are allowed to operate, then the government should consider reopening of schools across the country.

In my opinion, since the Federal government doesn't want to endanger the lives of students, then all the states in Nigeria that has less than 700 confirmed cases of coronavirus pandemic should be allowed to resume schools.

The picture below contains the states that has less than 700 confirmed cases of coronavirus.

In my view, The Federal government should give some guidelines and then allow these states to reopen schools.

However, students are tired of staying idle at home so no matter how strict the guidelines for reopening might be, they will surely adhere to it because wouldn't be happy if the government reclose schools as a result of violation of laid down measures.

Moreover, schools need to reopen because many youngsters are beginning to feel depressed and discouraged due to the long time closure of schools. If schools doesn't reopen soon, some students might decide to drop out because they are already discouraged.

What's your opinion on this?

Should the federal government reopen schools amid coronavirus pandemic?

Comment below and don't forget to share with others.

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