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The homeless in fresh battle with the pandemic world.

The homeless in fresh battle with the pandemic world.

Every minute of the day, the thoughts of the homeless and their survival keeps flooding my mind. I am caught in between the imagery of the homeless child, who quietly sits in an uncompleted building which ironically shelter's him. Uncompleted buildings with no windows and doors to protect them from the drops of rain.

Some of this homeless children take to the streets. Some spend their nights under bridges. No one understands how they feed. No one understands the struggle their go through to survive. You wouldn't understand the pain, when you're locked in a well-sheltered house. You wouldn't understand the level of cold, they've dealt. When you're being protected by quality sweater's. Most of this homeless children, have nothing to put on except rags as clothing's. 

In Nigeria and other African countries, where we harbour a lot of fearless mosquitoes. How do these homeless children survive those painful blood- sucking pest that comes to devour the children every night. The homeless do not have a mosquito net.

The more I try to let those thoughts out of my mind. The more, I am forced to face nothing but reality. It is surprising to see young girl's on their monthly flow, who do not have a single penny to get a sanitary pad. It becomes more surprising, to see those young girl's put on dirty pieces of old wrappers to protect themselves from blood stains. Such is their date and their are left with no other option, than to accept life as they see it.

Most of them are being made to believe that their don't have a say to whatever happens to them. Most of them are being made to believe that their voices are useless and therefore should keep shut and accept life as it goes. These children are being thrown to the ground and kicked endlessly by the heart-cold looking men. Little children being seen as punch bags, objects to train their fist on. 

Every day, innocent tears of this little children flow down their cheeks wailing to God " Do I deserve to be homeless. Do I deserve this type of life. Do I deserve to suffer".

While the Corona virus pandemic is busy spreading, most of them are being exploited, insulted, embarrassed, taunted and at times killed. Some girl's never nursed the intention to swallow the pills of sexual melody. She is seen as a sex object, who is forced to widen up her legs to feed the cruel desires of her beast. Irrespective of all this injustice, they are all bent on struggling to succeed.

Children, teenager's, adults caught up in the umbrella of the homeless. Most of these children want shelter. Some want just a square meal to feed their hungry stomachs. Some want love and protection. Some want education. Most of them wish to live in buildings with no clogged waters, while some want justice. 

The pandemic may go, but the lives of hopeless and homeless children doesn't change. Only but a few cares about the survival of the homeless. If you're lucky enough to be blessed with all the necessities of life, forget not the homeless.

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