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OPINION: Govt Should Slash Teachers And Lecturers Salaries, As They Are Not Supporting Covid19 Fight

Federal and state Government in Nigeria, should slash the salaries of teachers and lecturers, because they are not supporting the fight against corona virus, their impact on the fight is not being felt at all.

This is because their salaries are intact, whether they teach or not the Federal and state Governments, will pay them their full salaries. So they have nothing to lose, is only our children that have a lot to lose.

Since the Federal Government started the fight against Corona virus, which has become a global pandemic. We've had very little from Nigeria union of teachers (NUT)and Academic staff union of the universities (ASUU), contributing to the fight against the dreaded virus. These two bodies left everything for federal and the state governments to take care of.

The school systems which they claim to head has been down for the past 4 months, in federal Republic of Nigeria. These academic bodies have not offered any solution to the government regarding the reopening of schools, simply because their salaries are intact no reduction in salaries, whether they go to school, teach students or not, their salaries will be intact.

I am of the opinion that, the state and federal Governments should slash, the salaries of teachers and lecturers, such that they will feel the impact of corona virus. When this done, you will see that they come out from their shelves and the proffer solutions, on the way forward, in our academic sector.

They are supposed to work together with Government, in sorting out issues concerning corona virus, but they are reluctant. These two academic bodies have the best hands in Nigeria, yet no solution is coming from them.

If the government should push them to the wall, solutions will come from them and once these solutions come, you will see that other areas of the economy will be opened and the economy will boom once again. That is my opinion.

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