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Hester Ford of Charlotte: America's Oldest Woman, celebrated her 116th Birthday yesterday.

Hester Ford of Charlotte: American's Oldest Woman, celebrated her 116th Birthday yesterday.

Despite the globally ravaging increase of covid19 pandemic , Hester Ford celebrated her 116th birthday yesterday.

Hester Ford who grew up in North Carolina and later got married to her (when she was 14 years old )late husband John Ford , a steel worker who died at the age of 57 was born in the year 1963.

And Hester Ford was born in South Carolina ahead of the first world war in 1904 and she has lived in Charlotte for at least 59 years and she's now seen as a celebrity.

And out of happiness and excitement she celebrated it with few of her family members that were around including her Grand Children and Great Grand Children. She was praising and thanking God for the journey so far.

"We simply express gratitude toward God for simply keeping her here for us, since it gives us trust," Hill said. "We could never need her to be here on the off chance that she was wiped out. ... We need her to have an incredible personal satisfaction in her senior years. We don't need her to be debilitated or anything, and attempting to hang on."

Due to this good memories of hers Mayor of Charlotte's Vi Lyle's declared a one day August and tagging it 'Mother Hester Ford Day'.

Hester Ford has 12 children, 48 Grand Children and 200 Great–Grand Children.

And in USA Credit Record, Hester Ford shows that at her present age now that she happens to be the third most ranking oldest person alive in USA.

In view of that association with her folks Bauknight-Herron welcomed Ford to their congregation lunch meeting Saturday at C.N. Jenkins Memorial Presbyterian Church. Passage couldn't join in, yet Baucknight-Herron says only her family being there was a gift. 

"My extraordinary granddad kicked the bucket when she was 116 and it was only an inclination that I can't clarify at the present time," Bauknight-Herron said. 

Passage regularly gets the inquiry: what's the key to a long life? Her overseer filled us in on that. As far as she can tell, it's the individuals around Ford, some who scarcely even know her. 

"The adoration and empathy that her family has for her. She has been for quite a while," Misenheimer said.

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