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School Resumption: Reason while Parents are Against School Resuming this Year(Opinion)

Despite the lift on the lockdown, interstate ban and opening of markets and other jobs so traders and workers can get back to their various businesses and jobs in order to not just provide for their various families but also contribute in reviving back the economy from the shrubs the corona virus pandemic almost reduced it to, yet most parents are against the resumption of school anytime soon.

The Federal Ministry of Education had earlier stated August 8th as a day for WAEC students to start their exams, but this was called off and kept indefinite because of the increasing number of corona virus in the country.

After some research and dialogue with some parents, I've got to find out part of the reasons if not the major reason why parents are against resumption of school now.

According to one of my respondents Mr Okafor who's a luxurious driver with one of the leading transportation companies in Nigeria Chisco transport companies, ''i don't know the views of others but personally I'm against school resuming now. Inasmuch as the government have lifted the bans it placed on several things, we can't still hide the fact that the virus is still within the country. That notwithstanding, the ban on interstate borders was recently lifted just few weeks and I'm still trying to catch my feets after staying for several months at home with no source of income. I need time to stabilize myself first before thinking of sending my children back to school.''

''Currently there's restrictions on the number of persons we're to carry so to contain the virus and it will take time for things to normalize, so personally for me, they should still wait a while before resuming,'' he stated finally.

Another trader Mrs Stella added thus, ''its obvious that things haven't stabilized yet. My family has been feeding on this my food stuff since since markets were opened and sales have been poor. I'm a poor widow and myself and family fend from this and we need adequate time to save enough before they can go back to school. I plead that the government exercises more patience with is the parents before resuming schools. No matter whom you are or how rich you are, this pandemic is one way or the other must have affected you.'' She noted.

These and many more left me with no other reason to believe that the parents need time more to get their feets back. We all know that its like wasting a total year in a student's life especially those in their finally year as they have to spend an additional year in school thereby altering their plans in life but still, one thing you need to have in mind is that when there's life, there's hope still.

As a student, don't see this as a step back but a turnaround for greatness for you and blessings God has for you.

Hold on, be strong and optimistic, things will later work out for good.

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