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Opinion: Charlatans and comedians everywhere

In Nigeria today, we have too many charlatans leading us, whether in government, faith-based organizations, political or community. They are just too much to be counted.

A Governor went about arresting pilots arbitrarily in the name of containment of Covid-19. The next day, you ask Muslims and Christians to go about their normal business for the weekend gathering and worshiping in large groups.

The idea is that Good Friday and Easter is too good to be missed.

But even the Pope, will be praying in an Empty St. Peter's Basilica. 

I can understand an Emperor acting whimsically. We all know Wike have temperament issues and also have delusions of grandeur with a spice of arrogance.

But what about Ondo and Katsina Governors?

Have they become Emperors too?

Professor Ayade, yes the Kinetic Crystallization man, slept at the Nigerian border with Cameroon last night. With a black cloth on his nose, waiting and watching to catch illegal immigrants wanting to import Corona virus into the state, he did a vigil with immigration officers and cameramen.

Everywhere you turn in Nigeria today, a comedian masquerading as a leader is on the loose. God why us?

Who knows what Willie is up to. Willie behaves like a man that has worked in a circus for many years. He and his wife always amuse me with their sense of dressing. Who knows if he will turn up today in the uniform of an Arch Bishop or a Monk.

Since illuminati has taken over from the Nigerian police in haunting Dino, Dino should stay indoors and give us more comedy. Death is death, but death in the hands of the illuminati could mean dead body not found at all.

Once pastor Chris abandoned Rhapsody of realities for Rhapsody of 5G superstitions. I knew the atmosphere for miracles will become atmosphere for conspiracy theories and cowardice. He has come around to twist the his stand and give himself softlanding.

Who can believe that Pastor Chris who can raise the dead and make the blind see; who can cast and bind demons, thinks the federal govt locked Lagos and Abuja to install 5G masts?

But wait a minute . Why can't Pastor Chris even stop 5G masts from misbehaving? 

Have you noticed? Some other pastors who preached this 5G Corona conspiracy even before pastor Chris, have now slipped away quietly and allowed Pastor Chris to carry the 5G cross alone in Nigeria.

Please can someone look into Akwa Ibom , Kogi , Imo, Kano and anywhere.

 Another circus shows must be going on somewhere around you.

Spend your Easter Sunday thoughtfully as you reflect on our polity and where we are.

God bless you all!

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