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Dangers of not paying tithe: Nigerians are jealous of Oyedepo. Tithe or no tithe, he can't be poor

Bishop David Oyedepo is a People's Priest in Nigeria and around the world. He is the founder of the Alias ​​Winners Chapel, an alternative festival. He is a man of God who has always spoken of the Bible, the Christian way of life. He has repeatedly agreed with the government on the total closure of the Church, the house of God, where people are expected to build their faith in difficult times, to be careful.

He is not the only person who shares this vision. Even Victoria Chapel priest Chris Oyahkilom also protested against the demolition of Nigerian churches. As men of God և responsible citizens, they obeyed the command to make church activities online to continue spreading the gospel of God they had chosen to do for the rest of their lives. But I can rightly say that since the COVID-19 epidemic, Nigerians have deliberately elected Bishop David Oyedepo for their position on the general closure of churches.

Moreover, especially about his position on tithing. In the past, the USSD code was created to pay tithes to members of the Winners' Chapel. Many Nigerians shouted about the action. His tweet about the dangers of not paying the title made Nigerians talk today.

I am not a member of the Winners' Chapel, nor do I attend its university. But I can say that the Nigerians were jealous of Bishop David Oyedepo. Below are some reactions from Nigerians to their statement.

He suffered so much in life in the Lord's vineyard for his faith և God blessed him. Whether you are tithes or not tithes, you can not be poor. Some Nigerians believe this is the tenth thing that Oedipus և uses his family to survive without being poor.

Tithing is obligatory in the Bible, even Jesus Christ paid for it. Nigerians only complain about something that does not concern them. I have never seen a member of the Victory Chapel come out to complain that Bishop Oedipus was blackmailing them. If you look at their ministry on Sundays, you will see how happy: blessed are those who come as members of the Church of the Living Faith.

In fact, I can even say that they are happy to pay tithing. For those who think that Oedipu lives on tithes, he has up to 70 books written and sold all over the world. Some of them gain wisdom, walk with wisdom, heal the balm, the outpourings of the spirit, break the curses of life, overcome the forces of evil, without infertility, to understand, to study the secret of success.

If you listen to Oedipus' sermon, you will understand that he believes in prosperity as a Christian. He believes that he grows by faith.

Some people who see their private jets և their universities think they are built in tens.

They forget that he pays his church workers, he keeps his church because a Christian works for charity. Nigerians should even thank Oyedepo for setting the standard for education by creating comfortable universities that are now one of the best in Africa. Oedipus has a call from God. He is focused on that, he will continue to grow, no matter what people say.

What do you think of Bishop Oyedepo's tithing? Do you think that Oyedepo is not a place to put so much emphasis on tithing?

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