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Sunday Hot Jokes, Don't Laugh Alone.

I. This crazy man called himself pet expert..I took him to my neighbors compound .... .....The way we ran eh!! That dog is a devil incarnate..

2. When I first came to lagos , I bought a big generator in traffic for 6k .....The gen didn't just light my house ....The whole estate was on fire....

3. Nigeria security are just ......I was arrested unjustly today Because I was looking for my hair comb at the bank safe

4. Am tired of my neighbors sef Just trying to act film with this goat and people are already shouting theif theif Is it wrong to make this poor animal a celebrity ??

5. Who knows paracetamol?? They now sells is I00 naira Nobody told me it can't cure corona virus ...Rabbish

6. The girl that wanna buy bread at shoprite have mistakenly fall Rolex wristwatch.....Her boyfriend have vanished... ......... Samsung Galaxy x : 630k Can it give birth to another phone???

7. You wanna go and commit fornication and you're praying for safe journey Nothing Angel Michael no go see ... Kissing your husband when he's asleep gives a very pleasant feeling But Nigeria women will rather search their husband pockets

8. I wanted to go to the bank safe and check if the money I save is still intact, instead security men beat me up ....Am done doing business with this bank.

9. With the way rape case is increasing in this country ...Pls govt open clubs and hotel so that prostitute can resume fully .Thank u

I0. My friend gf was happy so she decided to prepare vegetable soup.I even thought its d cure for corona virus when she added bitter kola

I1. The moment you started having flu like symptoms thinking its corona virus just to go to d hospital to find out that it's pregnancy.. Its been long I've left college doesn't mean Ive forgotten 60minutes make one day.

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