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All Nigerian Schools Should Open On 10th August 2020, Except Private Schools (Opinion)

It is no longer news that students at different levels both university, polytechnic and colleges of education as well as primary and Secondry Schools left campus since March 26th 2020. This was actually because of the world deadly disease, called covid 19 pandemic. Which was originated from China. Ever since then Students across the country

Deu to this, the Nigeria Federal government (president Muhammadu buhari ) declare completely shutting down of schools, market, airport, banks, churches, mosque and all other public and private sectors. Ever since the pandemic broke out, This is because private university, polytechnic, colleges of education, secondary and primary schools would have been the easiest way for the virus to spread to most Nigerians.

The main issue now is that most parents, guidance and all Students are clamouring for the federal government to re-open all academic activities across the country without checking the harm it will mean for most students. So, this Great message is originally my opinion but still subject to discussion and correction.

Now If the Federal Government is to lift the ban on schools it will be most advisable and safest to only lift the restrictions on public schools rather than private schools. This opinion is because private schools won't be able to cater for students as much as the public schools will do.

Below are the Reasons why All public Schools Should Re-open except private Schools

1# ability of the Public Schools to Put in Place Health Care Facilities; due to the fact that public schools usually have a well developed management system, it will be very possible for both the Federal and state government for them to put in place health care facilities for the students. Such as isolation centre, mask vaccine for the treatment different sanitiser and so on so forth. But private schools will fall short of this particular rule due to one thing or the other.

Providing cure to this world pandemic and keeping students safe is the main priority of the Federal and state government so it will be only contradictive to their priority if private schools are also asked to open.

2# Private Schools Will not be Able to Obey the Social Distancing and other Rules given By the Federal government. 

In Real sense it will be better off if private owned schools resume when the pandemic is over both in and out of the country. This is because most private schools don't run in a quality and hygienic environment not to talk more of obeying the social distancing rule and other rules.

from my own point of view, It will be best if the government place a temporary ban on private schools while watching out for the decrease in covid 19 pandemic. So that they don't rush into things and finally expose the Students to more harm or chances of getting infected.

Most of Private schools owners Don't even have quality and standard class rooms or laboratories, then how do you expect such schools to cope during this world virus called corona virus. engulfed this difficults period?

It's only government Schools who will be able to follow those laws and rules given by the Federal government. By placing security agents on Schools premises.

Please what's is your opinion? drop it in the comment box Below thanks.

Content created and supplied by: Godwinforyou (via Opera News )

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