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5 Business opportunities covid-19 pandemic gave birth to

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses has collapsed. As a matter of fact, Countries economy is at stake. If you still busy thinking about what business to go into amid covid19 pandemic, I offer 5 businesses you can engage in and make a living.

1. Face mask

Using of face mask has being made compulsory by the federal government. Why don't you go into face mask business, make face mask and sell to people.

2. Hand sanitizer

Sanitizer is also in high demand at the moment. It's of the recommended ways to prevent corona virus. Making and selling of sanitizer can make you huge money during this pandemic.

3. Soap

Soap is also of the recommended ways to prevent covid-19. The NCDC insists on washing hands with soap to prevent corona virus. Why don't you start making soap and sell to make some money.

4. Water

You can't wash your hands with ordinary soap, you also need water. You can start selling pure water and table waters. You will definitely make some money.

5. Alcohol

Alcohol could also be used as sanitizer. You can start selling alcohol to people and make your cool cash.

Don't underestimate any of this businesses listed above, give it a trial and change your financial status for good.

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