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The real reason why Ballon d'Or had to be cancelled

The real reason why the prestigious Ballon d'Or will not go on this year 2020 is because the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the soccer season. The games rule have been modified and changed during the pandemic before the game restarted, so therefore making the award itself impacted. In other words it can be put that the eason started with certain rules and ended with different rules, which is considered as a disruption to the award. (The last time Ball on d'Or got cancelled was in the year 1956)

With the great performance of so many players this year, who do you think would have won the award, would it have been; Ronaldo or Messi or De bryune, or Lewandoski, or even Benzema?

I myself think it would definitely had gone for Lewandoski. Yes! Lewandoski he has scored up to 40 goals this season what a feat! Highest goal scorer in Bundesliga, 2nd highest goal scorer in champions league 2019/2020 what a feat. You might say Ronaldo but I tell you even Messi has a better chance than him. Messi highest goal scorer in champions league, highest goal and assist in la liga, what more most chance created and lots more, only that his club didn't get to win laliga.

In any case, any club that wins the champions league will give us a better view on who might have won the award.

Who do you think might have won the award lets hear your view..

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