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Five Reasons Why Some People Think Covid-19 Is Not In Nigeria (Opinion)

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic in Nigeria the lives of the people are in danger if they expose themselves to contract the virus but unfortunately, some of the people still doesn't believe in the existence of the virus in Nigeria.

Some ignorant people even call it the virus of the rich, most of such people that believe so can be illiterate and doesn't know how deadly the virus can be.

It is sad that many things can be funny to us untill it happens to us, no one pray to contract the virus but does that said it doesn't exist are bringing it nearer, some won't believe the virus is real until they contract it or someone close to them does. 

This kind of mentality is dangerous for not only the person but everyone, because such person has put the lives of those around him/her at risk. What are the reasons why some people thinks it isn't real? Let's talk about it.

5 Reasons Why Some People Thinks Covid-19 Isn't In Nigeria

1. Illiteracy 

2. Influencers

3. The media

4. The government

5. Ignorance

I have listed the five reasons why some people thinks covid-19 isn't in Nigeria, now I will explain each point one after the other.

A. Ignorance or Illiteracy: If we should look at some set of people who doesn't believe in the existence of the virus, we will realize that most of them are not educated, most especially the market women, some of them believes why most of them doesn't and they keep convincing one another.

B. Influencers: This is the strongest part of the deal, influencer can be in form of the people I will list below.




Professor/ Lectures or Teachers and more.

If these set of people that I listed above tells someone the virus doesn't exist, the person might ends up believing because the person is respected and reputable, these set of people must stop saying Covid-19 doesn't exist, it is real, recently we've Mr. Ibu, who recently said there is no Covid-19, in my own opinion, I can suggest that the government should get him arrested, he should have kept his thoughts to himself, it is dangerous.

C. The media: This covers most of the people that doesn't believe the virus exist, it can be through social media or radio, an individual can start convincing people that it doesn't exist, such people should be arrested, most especially some people who come to the air to speak on radio, they shouldn't say such on the air.

D. The government: The government should play their part, the government have lied to us for years some people we be like "How did they expect us to believe that this is the truth" we should forget about some corrupted Government now, this is a matter of life and death and should be taken seriously.


The virus exist and it is real, don't wait till you contract it or you see someone who die due to its complication before you believe, it might be too late for you to turn back. You can feel the number of cases are dealt with, but never say it isn't real.

Stay safe, keep calm, protect yourselves and together we will overcome.

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