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Non Adherence To COVID-19 Prevention Guidelines, Another Lockdown Eminent (Opinion)

As a measure by the Nigerian Government to combat the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic, Nigeria went into lockdown concerning the COVID-19 on the 22 March 2020. Some weeks later, on 27 of April, 2020 President Buhari Muhammadu announced that the government would be adopting some measures of easing the lockdown restrictions gradually in FCT, Lagos, and Ogun.

However, the complete lockdown was later reduced to a curfew from 20:00 till 06:00 from 4 May to 17 May, although most of the states modified their own curfew time.

The first phase of easing the lockdown ended on 1 June while the second phase ended in the midnight of 29 June as planned by the government, but following its extension, it should now end on 27 July.

But since the lifting of the inter-state movement ban, easing restrictions on public and religious gathering, resumption of domestic flights, opening of markets and the resumption of final year students and pupils in secondary and primary schools (primary 6 and SSS 3), the total number of reported cases has risen to 34,854, number of deaths recorded is 769 while number of discharged persons is 14292. Though as of this morning, there is no new reported case, this was made known by the official NCDC website and Twitter handle.

See the graphical presentation below:

Below is the total number of reported cases according to NCDC for each State as of today Friday, 17 July, 2020:

Why I am worried right now is that, despite the daily rising number of infected persons with Covid-19 in the country some ordinary people still don't believe that this virus is real.

Just yesterday on my way to work the conductor upon sighting the men of the Federal Road Safety Corps, shouted "make una wear una Mask oh, Road Safety dey for road" (Pidgin). To my surprise one man, who should be in his late 50s was saying: "Coronavirus no dey, na lie, government dey use am make money". He said in Pidgin, "that Covid-19 is not real that the government is only using it to make money." And one has no option but start asking questions, where are they getting their own information from and who is feeding them with these kind of news?

Most people on the street now don't care to wear masks, or follow the safety guidelines and measures put in place by the government, the NCDC and the Covid-19 Presidential Task Force.

Below are pictures of people I took in one market and a mosque this afternoon in one of the satellite towns in Abuja today as proof of non adherence of the people towards the prevention guidelines in this country:

From this pictures above we can all see that these people in the market are going about with their normal transactions without even bothering to wear a Mask as stipulated.

These are people both inside and outside the mosque without nose mask as stipulated by the NCDC and the Presidential Task Force on COVID19:

From all indications this kind of people are responsible for the daily rise of this virus, most of these people are ordinary Nigerians who sees this pandemic as a farce and nothing real.

When they see you wearing a mask, washing your hands, and avoiding unecessary handshakes you are now the new topic of discussion.

Covid19 is not a joke it's real, ask those that escaped the claws of Coronavirus you will know that we are dealing with a very serious issue at hand.

You are responsible for your health and safety the government is trying its possible best by enlightening us, providing the necessary support etc, we have our own role to play.

Please, Wash your hands, wear a nose mask, go out when necessary and be responsible for your health.

There is no doubt that with these kind of attitudes, and behaviours the Government may decide to impose another lockdown as we just witnessed in the US, South Africa etc, in the past couple of days.

This is just my opinion as a concerned member of the public over the non adherence on the Covid-19 prevention measures put in place by the government.

hy I am worried right no'

Content created and supplied by: Shamharisblog (via Opera News )

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