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How to Make Free Legit Money Online While You Stay At Home.

The Corona Virus pandemic has come and yet to go, millions of people were infected and thousands are still contracting it daily worldwide.

The situation has made many businesses and companies to shut down and put operations on hold for a while. Majority of these companies are not paying at all while only a few of them are paying fractions of the basic salary. Many people are partially jobless and the few that have something to do live on stipends.

Despite the situation we found ourselves, many still find means of recharging and buying data which will be wasted on non profitable activities.

Apart from those that engage in online scams, any other online businesses requires money or a lot of money to participate. I have brought to you a sure link to earn you something to maintain your upkeep during this pandemic period. Except for your your smart phones, data and about an hour of your time daily to perform some task on the website. And registration on this website is F R E E !!!



Do you know that Telegram chatting app on your phone has a digital currency? Yes, it has digital currency called grams and each gram has a value of more than $2.

You can perform those activities that you do on the social media and you can withdraw directly into your BLOCKCHAIN WALLET, PAYPAL WALLET, VISA CARD, MASTERCARD, ZENITH BANK, GTBANK, FIRST BANK, FIDELITY ACCESS BANK, UBA ETC ACCOUNTS.

See, if you are still in the level of wasting your data on irrelevant things on the social media, then you don't know what you are doing.... USE YOUR ANDROID PHONE OR iPhone WITH DATA TO MAKE OVER #100,000 EVERY MONTH. Are you saying it is impossible? Let me teach you how to go about it..


Click on the link below and click on sign up selecting continue with either your Facebook or Google Account.



Click the three dot lines and click on Smart contracts, sign the contracts to earn minimum of 5 grams/$10 instantly.


On your dashboard, click on "TIME TO ROLL" Click on "ROLL" and earn up to 10¢ minimum and maximum of $200.

Note that you can CLICK on "Roll" After every 1 hour to earn more.


Click in the three dot lines on the left and click on VIDEOS and you will be directed to watch some 60-minute videos and earn 0.1 Gram each.

:{Don't click on play... just click watch and once the 60sec countdown stop it will mark it green, that means you have been paid}

*STEP 5*

Copy your referral link and share with friends and earn 5 grams on each registered referral through your link.

After you might have reached 500 Grams, you can withdraw your grams into your bank account directly which may take up to 15 to 20 working days or more but if you have a block chain account, it will be instantly paid into your account. Click on support link on dashboard for more info and FAQ.


I will advise you not to withdraw all the five hundred grams when you reach the level, just continue building your grams and then be withdrawing the excess you have on your earnings from time to time and if you think otherwise, withdraw everything and start building your earnings agaishareBest of luck friends as you start making your money.

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