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Schools Should Be Allowed To Open For A Period Of 2 Weeks To Write Their 2nd Term Exams [OPINION]

Schools Should Be Allowed To Open For A Period Of 2 Weeks To Write Their 2nd Term Exams [OPINION]

Following the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus in Nigeria in March, President Muhammadu Buhari led government was compelled by the situation to take calculative decisions and measures in order to checkmate the spread of the disease in the country.

Federal Government responded accordingly to the pandemic by taking early precautionary measures to ensure the virus has no breathing space in the country. Just like other affected countries, President Muhammadu Buhari declared a nationwide Lockdown and interstate travel ban in order to control the spread of the virus in the country. Many sectors of the country were affected by the lockdown as schools, churches, mosques, business centers were all shut down across the country.

The negative impact of the lockdown and the pandemic were felt by all sectors of the country, especially schools which have been closed for over 3 months now. It is displeasing that the pandemic has halted all activities in our education sector of the country, teachers and students have all felt the negative side of the pandemic, especially students who have been idle for months and are now tired of staying at home and most at some point has voiced their frustration on social media, calling the Federal Government to reopen schools.

The persistent rise in COVID-19 cases is the reason the government is unshaken and adamant about its decision to keep school close until the virus is eradicated from society. Inasmuch I want the school to reopen but I still believe in the decision of this government and I believe all efforts and decisions are for the greater interest of the masses.

Students should understand that the delay in the reopening of schools is a tactical approach by the Federal Government whose major responsibility is to protect its citizen from any force (internal or external forces). The government is aware of the dangers posed by the virus, and as a result of that are unwilling to reopen schools in order not to out student into unnecessary risks of contracting the virus. No doubt COVID-19 has become a huge hindrance to the thriving of education in Nigeria.

Being aware of the negative impact posed by the long closure of schools on our students especially those who have not been privileged to have written their second term examinations, and according to the Nigerian school calendar, third term examination is fast approaching. It will indeed be a heavy burden on both the teachers and students to run second mad third term academic activities and examinations concurrently when school eventually reopens.

The importance of education cannot be emphasized, the closure of schools for a long period without academic activities going behind the scene will be disastrous, in terms of workloads on teachers and students. The Federal Government of Nigeria should go back to the drawing board to re-strategize and formulate a policy that will aid in the quick reopening of schools with precautionary measures that would be adaptable to both teachers and students. In my own view, I will advise the government to consider the reopening of schools for a period of two weeks to enable Nursery, Primary and Secondary School students to sit for their outstanding examinations in order to reduce the academic workload that may be incurred by long closure of the school.

in my humble opinion, Federal Government should reopen schools for a period of two (2) weeks and set up a committee to ensure that all the preventive guidelines and measures stipulated by the Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC) are strictly adhered to. Furthermore, the following tips should be enforced.

1. Students should be made to frequently wash their hands with sanitizer and in running water.

Teachers with aid of special COVID-19 taskforce should ensure that students wash their hands with alcohol-based hand sanitizer or with soap in running water before and after each class, in order to reduce the risk of contracting the deadly virus (COVID-19).

2. Social distancing must be made compulsory for every student:

School heads, Principals, and teachers should draft a sitting arrangement that will perfectly align with the social distancing rule. Teachers should educate the students on the dangers of the virus as a transmittable disease and also tell them how to protect themselves.

3. Face masks should be mandatory:

All Nursery, Primary, and Secondary schools should make the wearing of face masks compulsory for every student to help in easing the spread of COVID-19.

Thanks for taking out time to read this, Is now time for you to make your contributions.

If you support the opinion and advice of the writer for schools to be allowed to reopen and write their examinations please kindly concur or disagree if you have a contrary opinion. Let's make the topic an engaging one.

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