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If You Are Not Up To 50 Years Of Age Yet, Kindly Read These Article

Please this wonderful article is for everyone most especially young and adults who are not up to 50 Years of age yet. It will guide you on how you can become a Great achiever life Bill Gate, and mark the chief executive officer of Facebook.

Remember, you don't spend all your time in the world, for it's natural for everyone to die and live this world. Today should be the last day that your life was useless and have nothing to write home about.

In this article i shall be telling you on how you should live your life inorder to be successful and impact your generation so that they cannot forget you.


1# ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY AND WORK ON YOURSELF FROM TODAY : As a Man or woman who is still Bellow 50 Years of age, What you have to do First is to accept responsibility for your life. Do not use the coronavirus period as an excuse to become an idolater, lazy and stay home without doing anything. Remember that the Year is already going and if you Don't do anything, 2020 will soon be over.

2# . YOU HAVE TO LIMIT THE TIME YOU SPEND ON SOCIAL MEDIA : Let me tell you my brothers and sisters, The social media you use today has done you more harm than good. Research did recently shows that an average person spends about 5- 8 hours on television, Facebook, what'sapp, Twitter and Instagram everyday.

okay Let us do a simple mathematics now,  Subtract this time from the time you have to spend as working time for the whole day and tell me what's left. You spending most of your time on charting or watching of television and other non mandatory activities is one of the greatest risk that can happen to you.

3# ATTEND EDUCATIVE SEMINAL TO LEARN OTHER SKILLS EVEN AT SCHOOL : Please get me right I am not telling you to forfeit school or drop out of school just because I said Learn other skills why in school. Endeavor to to take your studies serious by studying hard to graduate successfully, But Along with school, learn other helpful skills such as business skills, hand work skills and you will be surprise at how much you can save have at the end of the day.

Have you heard about Jack Ma? (the richest Man in China) reads English from the university, but today he created one of the largest e-commerce businesses in the world (Alibaba). The only things school can offers is the technical and scientific skills that's all.

Remenber this, Don't relent all your efforts on School alone because been rich is not all about the level of your education. Haven't you seen professors and doctors who cannot even build a story building for themselves? If this work out these People would have been the world Richest, but unfortunately they are not.

4# STOP SLEEPING TOO MUCH : As a man and woman who want to be successful in life, you have to stop spending too much of your time on Sleeping. According to medical experts, People who spend too much time Sleeping can easily develop diabetes.

Apart from this, ask successful People around you on how many hours they sleep a night. Please stop Sleeping too much if you want to be successful before you clock 50 Years of age.

Please follow me for more Greats related articles Thanks.

Content created and supplied by: Godwinforyou (via Opera News )

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