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Yahoo is not the only way to make money

Am Samuel by name, student of a great school A B U Zaria. Life in school is not easy due to meeting up to lectures, reading, and trying to meet up with your stomach is another task to be done.

Many will be saying you can still work and school. The truth is yes I can, but who will give me the chance to work while not a lazy student nor lazy youth but at the same time I want a good result, not an attendance result.

To make matters worst now that I have struggled from level 100 to 400 level, smiling and saying, just month to go so that I can fully engage in my work. Covid19 virus shows up with his ugly face trying to make my life miserable. Have the mind to throw me out of school not only that, drove those that are giving me money out of work, did not end there closed down all my means of finding money to eat, what did I do to corona.

All hope is not lost at least I discovered I can write, thanks to opera mini news hub giving me the chance to make money, but it fully depends on you reading this before they pay me.

Please I do not want to be a yahoo boy, I want to remain a good boy, please help me to get paid. All you need to do for me is this article

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You will be saving a soul. Thank you very much.....samixrich needs you

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Am Samuel Yahoo


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