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Opinion: All Schools Should Be Allowed To Reopen By 10th Of August.

The inception of covid-19 in Nigeria has caused a great deal of hazard in Nigeria economy because ever since this pandemic disease start ravaging the nations, things are not moving the way it should again because of the total lockdown almost in all organisation.

However in Nigeria I believe things are starting to get better because if it were not so, worship centers and market plus some other institution will not be open.

But one thing that baffled me the most is that why market and worship center and some other institution are opened while schools are still closed with no hope of resumption anytime soon considering the inconsistence decision regarding school reopening.

This i believe is a matter that has left many Nigerians wondering because it has indeed caused a lot of controversy as to why market, worship centers and other institution has be given the go ahead or resume with guideline in place while schools are left out.

Talking about following guideline, I believe schools are the best institution that will observed that very well considering how the institution is organised but still it's still closed as if the virus spread faster in the school.

Just yesterday I was in the market and I tell you I'm not really happy with what I saw so as a hub creator that was what prompt me to write this little piece. In the market people are just moving anyhow as they want and nothing like maintaning social distancing or anything. Most of them are not even Waring the face mask everyone is directed to wear and they are busy but and selling and exchanging hands.

They was nothing like sanitizer or water situated for washing of hands or any equipment that will aid in the prevention of the covid-19. Though I'm pleased with what I saw in the bank because they seems to have all the procedure put in place like maintaining of social distancing and sanitizer for washing of hands and people are not allowed to gathered I'm the the bank too much.

So in my best opinion, if market, worship centers and other institutions are opened with guideline then schools should also be open with guideline and lockdown should be stopped so that all the institution follow the strategy to curtail the spread of the virus.

With this this put in place I believe things should fall back to normal soon because things are very expensive now considering how money is hard or get now all because of the Lockdown.So if the government can at open any institution at all with procedure then schools should also be open with procedure.


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