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N-Power: Why No Volunteer Should be Exited Now (Opinion)

N-Power: Why No Volunteer to Should be Exited Now (Opinion) 

There are strong reasons why the beneficiaries of the batch A and B N-Power programme should not be exited now. According to the minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management, Hajiya Sadiya Umar Farouq, the two batches of volunteers are exiting the programme. In fact, according to the minister, batch A volunteers are already off the scheme this month. 

A closer look at the issue will reveal that, no volunteer should be disengaged now. It is known to all and sundry that the country is in lockdown due to the corona virus pandemic. And in a period like that, surving usually becomes difficult even if one's source of income is still intact. 

It should be noted that a reasonable percentage of the beneficiaries are owners of families. They need more than N-Power monthly stipend to survive, let alone snatching it from them. Even civil servants with high monthly earnings are getting it difficult to survival in this lockdown period. 

If in the end the government decide to exit the beneficiaries, let that happen after winning the battle against the deadly coronavirus. Any attempt to stop the volunteers from earning the monthly stipends will endanger their lives. 

On the part of the government, disengaging beneficiaries in this stay-at-home time will be a big threat to its security. One possible effects that will bring about is crippling the government's war against insurgency and banditry. 

Let us remember that a hungry man is an angry man. And there is almost nothing a hungry man cannot to do to have food to eat. These volunteers are humans who cannot live without food. If they do not get it from the government, they may get it from anti-government. 

Let the president and the law makers put all hands on deck and try to save the lives of the beneficiaries. The two ought to remember that their primary duty is to protect the economic and social life of the citizens. 

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