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A message to all Nigerians: Every disappointment is a blessing in disguise (opinion)

I deeply sympathize with all Nigerians who lost either jobs or loved ones to the corona virus pandemic. This however does not fault the saying that every disappointment is a blessing. The adverse of the pandemic might have caught us unaware but we are surely coming out of it as better people.

For one thing the fear of lockdown during those days made Nigerians to result to bulk buying. Though forcefully, but through the experience we are now better informed that bulk buying makes someone save more money than buying in little quantities.

Again, some of us who never had opportunity to relate with our children for more than a month have stayed with them for as long as four months already. I for one have known that my children are very short tempered and I have worked hard in ending that character. Their is no doubt that many parents like me have their own stories.

Furthermore, how could we have tested the efficacy of ICT in Nigeria? The lockdown has exposed the effectiveness of online teaching and learning contrary to the traditional methods. It has exposed the convenience in it. There is no doubt that henceforth that schools will no longer rely on face to face interaction in the classroom like before but may want to combine online lessons and face to face interaction.

Before the lockdown experience, we all thought that a successful social event was the one that had 1000 guests or more in attendance. But with the restriction of social gathering to 50persons wedding, burial and other social gatherings have become cost effective.

Similarly, some Nigerians that never believed in skill acquisition and self employment, it has been a wake up call to start one because of the economic crunch.

Obviously after this period when work and the economy picks up again, those skills will still remain viable sources of income to those that acquired them this period.

Again the lockdown engendered family reunion. Husband and wives that were always apart from each other came together again. And marriages that were at the verge of breaking down became revived again.

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