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Funny Memes of Different Nigerians and Their Reactions During This Wheather Condition.

 There are different kinds of behavior, attitudes and reaction of people towards the recent climatic condition of the country. There have been changes in the whether condition like too much of rain and cold.

 The current situation of the world stocked with the issue of the pandemic Covid 19 has made Organizations, Schools, Church's, Mosque, Private hospitals and so on close down. A lot of people are at home presently because of the pandemic and with the current whether condition it has been different kinds of reactions.

People who still have to wake up early to go to work are now finding it difficult to wake early due to the sweetness of there sleep cause by rain or cold.People who are also at home now see it as the best opportunity to rest and sleep waking up in the afternoon.

This are the pictures of different people with their reactions and response to the whether condition.

 Help me tell am say na Africa he dey.

We gather die here

No turn urself to tortise.

You no talk watin dey do you gangan.

Cold no fit come kill me.

We can't kill ourself.

Friends with benefits.

No work no money.

No food for the lazy man.

How weather affect your virginity.

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