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The Agony of Private School Teachers during these COVID-19 Lockdown in Nigeria, the Way Forward

The uncertainty surrounding the resumption of the schools in Nigeria has continued to bring hardship, and pain to the affected private schools teachers. We can recall that all the schools in Nigeria have been closed down ever since, the outbreak of these COVID-19 pandemic.

There are two categories of school teachers in Nigeria, it is either you belong to the public or private body. Looking at the public teachers, they are not facing any ordeal for now because their salaries are still been paid by government. But reverse is the case in the private schools.

Many of the private teachers are so much in agony and pain, because the last time their salaries were paid was before the lockdown. Imagine these teachers being at home for over 4months without any source of income. It is difficult to feed their children three times daily, It is a challenging time for them.

Some of the private schools owners have been trying to reach to the Federal government to see, how they can help their teachers in these time of hardship. In fact some of the owners who are so generous went to the extent of sharing a bag of rice to their teachers because they can’t afford to salaries anymore.

I believe if the Federal and state government does not intervene on time, it might leads to serious increase in social vices and different types of criminalities. It will be detrimental to the country to begin to witness another round of criminalities, when we are still battling with Boko Haram and bandits insurgency.

The Federal Government should please assist the private schools owner and teachers monetarily, or find a way to safely reopen the schools gradually for them to be able to survive.

Do you think the school should resume gradually, or the Government should provide intervention funds for them to help them in these economic hardship?

Kindly share your views in the comment box below

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