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A boy has been thrown out from home by his parents because their prophet called him a wizard

According to PREMUIM TIMES, a boy whose names where not disclosed has been thrown out of his parents house because a prophet said he is a wizard and is also responsible for all their misfortunes.

Picture of the poor boy:

This is a crime against humanity, how can some one brainwash his family. I personally call on well-meaning Nigerians to tag along the IGP and every other law enforcement agencies especially the child Care unit to arrest both the parents and the prophet.

Religion is not a crime but the way some people go about hyping it the wrong way is one the major issues in our society.

One Mr Montana Tony a member of IGBO RANT HQ earlier today also took to the platform on Facebook to express his pain on the issue, he said "If for instance the prophet is right doesn't he have the power to cast out demons as demonstrated by our Lord Jesus or other men of God?" There is no doubt that this child is just a victim of religious mediocrity, ignorance, manipulations and stupidity. It is worrisome that people especially in Africa has a way of blaming others for their undoings and misfortunes instead of putting more effort, patients and hard work to better their lots.

Facebook extract of Montana's post following the incident:

Even if a father can forsake his child, would the mother who carried him for nine good solid months also forsake her child because of prophecy? This is petty and inhumane, I weep for my society!

Religion has done more damage to Nigeria and Africa than Corona virus itself. Here people blame others or an unknown deity for there poverty and it's heartbreaking when a child is accused and it's on the receiving end like the case of this little suffering boy.

The entire nation must rise and put a stop to this crime against the African child. How can we raise stable and sound leaders of tomorrow if we allow this damage to be done in their mind.

Religious manipulations must be ostracized from the African continent.

Africa Arise!

Content created and supplied by: OgubuikeNuelIkenga (via Opera News )

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