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EXCLUSIVE: Take a look at what I took and fever left me.

Take a look at what I drank and the fever that held me for 2 days left without leaving any trace. 

I have been feeling feverish for two days now but I couldn't go to the hospital because of fear of covid-19, I don't want anyone to start suspecting something I don't have, so I decided to use this simple remedy. 

I went to the mini market in my street and bought the following items. 


2. Lemon grass.

3. Lime. 

4. Scent leave. 

When I got home, I took the following steps to prepare it:

*I washed the lemon grass and put inside a pot. 

*I washed the ginger, peeled the back and cut into smaller size, then poured into the pot. 

*I washed the lime, cut it into two parts and poured into the pot. 

* Washed the scent leave also and put inside the pot. 

* I poured one and half liter of water into the pot.

* then I boiled it for about ten minutes. 

I Allowed it to cool a bit, then I took one cup in the morning, one cup at night, I did that for two days and the fever left me. I also discovered that my stomach started reducing.

In this period of pandemic that people are scared of going to the hospital, you can help yourself with this simple remedy. 

Please share with family and friends and also drop another home remedy you know via the comment section. Thanks. 

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