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ASUU Is Irrational: Buhari Should Hold ASUU's Salaries Till 2021- Reactions from internet Users

As Federal Government reconsiders September for reopening of schools across the country for terminal students such as WASSCE to write their examination.

This could imply the first batch of school resumption after the COVID19 pandemic while subsequent date would be staggered for other students.

The cheering news seem to be short lived following ASUU's position that schools to remain close till 2021. Nigerian Government has announced the reopening of schools for exiting students in secondary schools across the country. The task force said that critical and revision classes for JSS 3 and SS 3 students would resume to prepare them for their existing examinations.

ASUU, aside proposing 2021 date, citing Kenya which have taken similar position by shutting down schools activities till 2021. ASUU said its members would not resume for classes even if schools resumes.

The reactions against ASUU's position on school reopening seems overwhelming. As Internet users blast ASUU for being insensitive, callous, and selfish association.

ASUU failed to realize that private school teachers have not being paid since March 2020. But they have being receiving payments without doing their job.

Hence, in similar vein, the government, Minister of Labour, Minister of Finance, and Buhari should seize ASUU's salaries for not going work till 2021.

The reason adduced by ASUU could not fly. As internet users differ with ASUU. ASUU reason was hinged on the protection of lives first, and adequate measures to be put in place before Schools reopens. That the federal government should reconsider reopening of schools because children's lives matter.

But on the contrary, internet users seem unwell with ASUU over its 2021 position. Paraphrased "ASUU members who are supposed to be in laboratory finding vaccines to restart the country are just sitting down collecting salaries".

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