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See what some people turned a whole classroom into, all because the student are not in session.

One of the classroom in Borno State has been transformed into a chicken farm because schools are still closed due to the Coronavirus.

As the government plans to reopen closed schools to prevent coronavirus, the Borno state school has been used as a poultry farm.

Online photo sharing shows a variety of house birds and chickens fed to the floor using the classroom, this is really bad, despite all this long term lock down this conversion shouldn't take place especially in the classroom that student will soon resume and feel like taking lectures, and what i know about rearing of birds is that; there is an insect that are always in the vicinity of those birds, they are white in color, yoruba call it "Yoro" which are really hard to get off if they made it through human body.

Tables and chairs were stacked on top of each other next to the room to create space for the chicken coop.

See photos below:

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