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Avoid this three C's during this period of corona virus

Welcome once more to gabbyblogspot your number one writer, the one that always brings the gist direct from the source and at the same time try to keep you entertained at all cost, anytime anywhere.

Corona virus has really affected our society today things are being shot down, schools, market, work place and so many more. During this period there are places one should avoid and they happen to fall under the three Cs

1: Crowded places

Well it has earlier been said that everybody should avoid crowded places, but am just here to resound it again because the fight isn't over yet. Crowded places are the easiest place to contact the virus due to the fact that you don't know who you are touching or who is touching you, and you don't even know where the person is coming from. Beware of crowded places.

2: Close contact setting

This is another thing you need to beware of when you are too close to people, they might sneeze on your face, and you don't know if the person is already infected in the early stage.

3: confined and enclosed places

When you are choked up in a particular place you don't feel comfortable. So what happens when you are with other people especially now. The time of this pandemic A/C buses are always closed and if there is any infected person in the bus, everybody is prone to being infected as well.

Stay safe and be strong it will be over soon. stay at home that's the best thing you can do for your self and your love Ones.

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