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Opinion: All Schools Should Resume August 4th

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Almost all schools has been closed in Nigeria from roughly four months, due to the covid-19 outbreak in the world. The closure of the school is to stop corona virus spreading from one person to another. 

The covid -19 has caused alot of problems to our economy and many sectors. 

After some weeks ago, the federal government try to understand that the lockdown has caused alot of hardship. 

The president of the country mohammadu buhari approved the first and second phase of gradually easing of lockdown and lift the ban of other sectors and the reopening of schools. 

Minister of education spoke about the reopening of schools, that schools should remain closed for the safety of the country. And no date should be fixed yet. 

Students are tired of staying at home, because no place to go and also if churches, mosques, market and the rest will open then why schools not opening. 

My view, schools should open for student to resume 4th August to make them feel happy and for them not forgotten what they have been thought in the school. 

What is your own view on this, school should open or remain closed. 

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