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Cool jokes for the day

Its yet another time to smile and ease the problems you have been facing.

This is what corona virus has caused now it is you may now wink at the bride wink😉 i wonder what made this man's eyes pop out when you are at your friend's house and they start having family problemsthis thief is really crazy, he wants to go with the bag he doesn't care if its emptythere's space behind he just wants to... drop that slang you say when someone by your side is lyingtruly even the poor man feels like a king, when he marries the right woman! i stood for 3 hours today in the ATM stand, when it was my turn to withdraw i realized i was holding my voters card Thank you for reading this article I hoped that was able to cheer you up, please don't forget to like, share and comment in the comment box below thanks.

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