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COVID-19 - Moderna vaccine set for final trial stage after effective results

COVID-19 - Moderna Vaccine set for final trial Stage after effective results.

The US biotech firm confirms that it will enter its third stage of the human trials for COVID-19 Vaccine on the 27th of July.

The third phase will recruit 30,000 participants in the United States, with half of the participants to receive the vaccine at 100mg dose levels. The other half will receive a placebo.

The vaccine is to learn whether the vaccine can prevent the infection or if people still get infected or whether the vaccine can stop infection growing into symptoms.


The US biotech firm mentioned that the vaccine will still be considered a success if it stops severe cases of COVID-19.

This study is to run till October 27th.

This vaccine led patients to produce antibodies that can neutralise the virus. The vaccine caused minor side effects in many patients according to the first published data. 

The National Institutes of Health, showed that volunteers who received the vaccine made more neutralising antibodies. The director at the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, Betty Diamond stated that there are certainly lots of things we don't know yet right now.

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