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What the world should expect from Russia's new Covid -19 vaccine (Opinion)

It is over six months now, since the outbreak of coronavirus starting from China to other parts of the world, and according the stats the world has recorded over 14 million confirmed cases, with the hope that a vaccine will be out one day to finish off the pandemic, but it seemed in turn that as we know viruses are hard to be cured, however coronavirus is no exemption as the cure to it became a very hard thing.

Airing few days ago, news broke out that Russia finally concludes a human trial of the vaccine, the clinical trials of the purportedly world’s first coronavirus vaccine was successfully completed.The clinical trials of the world’s first coronavirus vaccine on volunteers at Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University was successfully completed, Vadim Tarasov, the director of the Institute for Translational Medicine and Biotechnology, the first group of volunteers would was discharged on 15 July and the second on 20 July.

What the world should expect.

Since the past six months that the whole world have been on certain lockdown, we all experienced a very unusual thing, we all hope and pray for researchers to find cure to this pandemic, and now that Russia which is not the first country to claim to have found cure to coronavirus and as the case maybe we are still swimming in the pandemic.

The world should should note that the fact that Russia concluded the first human trial of the vaccine and yield successfully may be all that we want, so we should probably be expecting a very big number of Recovered cases as soon as the vaccine hits the market, maybe we should also expect another thing, and shouldn't just rely on hopes from the vaccine, as we can see some people have been recorvered already from the virus and to which they were cured from different combinations and such combinations won't work for others, so the fact that the human trial was successfully, may possibly work on the group and eventually cure a number of cases but not all, so the world should expect continuation of research until everything is finally gone as a result from efforts and researches from every country.

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