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5 Important Things to Avoid if You Do Not Want Breast Cancer

Cancer is a world wide pandemic just like the Corona Virus. But unlike the Corona Virus, cancer slowly takes time to build and grow in individuals. But make no mistake, it is a deadly disease. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cancer is the second leading cause of death worldwide. From WHO statistics, globally, 1 in 6 deaths is caused by cancer. That is very high.

Another important information from the WHO is that 70% of cancer occur in low- and middle-income countries. Many people think of cancer as a foreign disease. They term it "the disease of the white man". But that is one of the most erroneous thinking a person could have.

From this information from the WHO, cancer occurs in low- and middle-income countries too and they even make up about 70% of all cancer cases worldwide. Many African nations make up low- and middle-income countries and Nigeria is part of them. The mistake many of this low- and middle-income countries make is that many of their citizens fail to realize cancer is a threat. So many do not go for tests and could be carrying the disease. Infact so many people have died from cancer in Nigeria and other countries but do not know cancer is the cause.

There are many kinds of cancer. We have prostrate cancer, lung cancer, bladder cancer, skin cancer, breast cancer and other kinds. The most common of all cancers is the breast cancer. It affects mostly women and it is so rare in men. The World Health Organization and other health institutions have provided some advice on how to avoid breast cancer or reduce the risk for women. Below are 5 things you should avoid to reduce the risk of breast cancer.

1. Avoid Excessive Alcohol Intake

Most women around the world do not consume alcohol. But there are some women who enjoy consuming alcohol. It is not bad to consume a little alcohol but those quantities that are going to make you feel dizzy are bad for your health. Even for the men, too much alcohol intake also increases their risk of cancers of other kinds in them. But women are mostly affected by this. So reduction of alcohol intake is necessary for women and it is even advised they shouldn't consume alcohol at all if they can.

2. Avoid Smoking

This is a must for all women. Smoking is linked to breast cancer by studies and research conducted. The risk is even higher in premenopausal women, that is; women who have not reached menopause but are close to reaching it.

3. Avoid Much Dosage of Hormone Therapy and Long Duration of it

Combination hormone therapy for more than three to five years increases the risk of breast cancer. If you're taking hormone therapy for menopausal symptoms, ask your doctor about other options. You might be able to manage your symptoms with nonhormonal therapies and medications. If you decide that the benefits of short-term hormone therapy outweigh the risks, use the lowest dose that works for you and continue to have your doctor monitor the length of time you're taking hormones.

4. Avoiding being Obese or Excessively Fat

Being obessed or too fat is linked to breast cancer especially for older women. So do not eat too much and watch what you eat.

5. Avoid Exposure to Radiation and Environmental Pollution

Medical-imaging methods, such as computerized tomography, use high doses of radiation. While more studies are needed, some research suggests a link between breast cancer and cumulative exposure to radiation over your lifetime. Reduce your exposure by having such tests only when absolutely necessary. X-rays also contain radiation so go for X-rays only when absolutely needed.

These are five important things to avoid to reduce the risk of breast cancer in women. But there are also things to do that will make you have a high chance of preventing breast cancer. Two things you can do are:

1. Being physically Active or Regularly Exercising

Regularly exercising limits the risk of breast cancer as it helps and if helps you keep fit. It also helps prevent obesity which is one of those things you need to avoid to reduce your risk of breast cancer.

2. Breast-feed

Breast-feeding might play a role in breast cancer prevention. The longer you breast-feed, the greater the protective effect. So nursing mothers who prefer to breast-feed their babies are advantaged.

With adherence to all the measures stated above, the risk of breast cancer is reduced greatly in women. One other thing that should not be taken lightly is regular check-up especially for older women. It is unavoidable that some people will still contact this deadly disease. While nobody wishes that upon themselves, we live in a world that anything could happen. Regular check-up is so important and it is even recommended that it is done every 6 months. If cancer is detected early, the chances for survival of a person increases.

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