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Five Books you really need to Read Before the end of the Year

Hello my dear entrepreneurs! Future business people, marketers and job seekers. This article is for you because I want to share five books that you need to read during this Covid19 lockdown. I read them few years ago and they changed the way I market my products; they changed the way I relate to my products. In other words they helped me grow, both personally and professionally. And they are all business and income related. The interesting thing is that these books are available in audiobook formats. So you can just download them and listen to them while you are doing you thing.

Interested? Then keep reading…

I will start with a basic book that is very motivational. It is called Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson. Brunson is like a superstar in the United States because everybody know him. He host a conference called CLICK FUNNELS in February 2019. He teaches how to automate your business: how to build funnels by giving free gifts as funnels into your business geeks. One thing I learnt from his book is that you should always make your plans short term. He says “short-term planning is more effective”.

Book number two is How to turn Down a Billion Dollars: the snapchat story. By Billy Gallagher. It talks about that famous company snapchat that making a lot of money today. The book talks about the founder of the company, Evan Spiegel: how he dropped out of the university and started growing Snapchat. But the key point in this book was his competition with Facebook’s Mark Zukerberg. It talks about how Mark offered to buy Snapchat severally but Evan refused to sell.

Lesson is: you should always hold on to whatever you do and are passionate about. The story is really motivational as the giant of social media industry was again beaten by a dwarf! So don’t worry about bigger companies, just do your stuff.

The next book is Never Eat Alone, by Keith Ferrazzi and Tahl Raz. This book lays emphasis on the im

portance of values in business dealings. It says “The most important networking rule: give value first. In other words, try to give as much as possible before you think of taking. I really wish Nigerian leaders can learn from this book. Before asking people for something, give them something.

The fourth book is Crushing It: How great entrepreneurs build their business and influence-and how you can, too. By Gary Vaynerchuk. He author spoke passionately about building your community. He says, “even if you don’t have an idea yet… even if you are not sure about what you want to do with your life… start creating your community”. You can of course you the available social media platforms to do this. So start sharing!

Last but not least is The Richest Man in Babylon, by George S Clayson. Wao! This book is awesome. It relates an ancient idea about handling money that is still very relevant. This book is a must read if you really want to upgrade from an employee to an employer. It is also cool for those planning to have a prosperous life after retirement.

If you are still reading that’s amazing. Here’s a Bonus.

Bad Blood: secrets and lies in a Silicon Valley startup.

By John Carreyrou. It talks about Elizabeth Holmes the founder of Theranos. She was a Stanford grad and decided to build a machine that would just take a drop of your blood and perform over two hundred tests. Despite the unviability of the proposition she went on to do a good job in marketing the fictitious idea and made millions of dollars fraudulently. The take away from this book is that it is sometimes easy to convince people because most people don’t do the background check.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Let us know other books you have in mind in the comment section. 

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