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The Hidden Effects Of Covid-19 In The World Apart From Its Effect On School Activities, (Opinion).

The world is a very nice place to live but due to the presence of diseases, the world has been a little difficult for us due to these diseases. However, many disease have caused panic in the world and but later it was resolved. Well, the outbreak of corona virus is one of those diseases that is making the world to panic as of now.

However, ever since the outbreak of corona virus in the world, most countries have been bothered with its effects on school activities and on religious activities but they don’t see the other hidden effects of corona virus,(opinion). Well, that is the reason I want to share my opinion on the possible hidden effects of corona virus in many countries especially in Nigeria, (opinion).

We all know that many countries in this world has poor medical facilities and those countries has people suffering from deadly diseases that requires them to be flown abroad for proper treatment. But due to this corona virus pandemic, these set of people cannot be taken to these developed countries for proper treatment and beside, these developed countries are still battling with corona virus, (opinion).

Secondary, many people suffering with sicknesses that attack the immune system and these sicknesses requires special medications. But most of these people are not financial stable to buy these drugs and that’s why they depend on charitable organizations that provide these drugs free of charge. But due to this corona virus, it will be hard for them.

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