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Bishop Oyedepo Should Apologize On Twitter as paying of tithe does not Create wealth (Opinion)

David Oyedepo took to Twitter to declare that anyone who does not pay the tithe is "under the financial curse" and will never be able to move forward, and this has caused controversy.

The founder of Winners' Chapel International wrote on Twitter: "It is an inevitable commitment to take part of it. Prosperity is not just about getting rich without paying tithes, because when you don't pay tithe, you end up in the financial curse. . #This #Breakinglimits "

Disagreeing with Oyedepo, a PhD student at the University of Edinburgh, he wrote: "prosperity cannot create wealth! Wealth creation occurs when capital is invested to create value. When X gives 1/10 of the profits to the church," . Prosperity is a ponzi scheme funded by the church. "

During covid 19, you are urging people invest in what cannot create wealth this is the time he should help poor Nigerians suffering from the coronavirus pandemic, but they would rather be asking people to pay tithe, Jesus preaching is not based on tithe. He heal the sick and renders help when needed.

Nigerians should be wise and save their money for better purposes.

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