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Opinion: All Schools Should Remain Closed Till When The Covid- Opinion: All Schools Should Remain Closed Till When The Covid- 19 Outbreak Is Over:

There is a global effect of Coronavirus pandemic worldwide which have put many countries on total lockdown, and has affected partially rendered the economy of some countries handicapped.

In Nigeria, many cases of the pandemic is being recorded everyday which has put many citizen into panicking, while some do not still believe it ever existed in the country.

During the first two months of the pandemic, there is a total clampdown of the country economy, where schools, religions centres, market places were closed.

Many students especially the final year students, and the who were on the verge of writing their final paper, are already tired of staying at home, where they are always praying for the pandemic to quickly go into extinction, so that they will resume back to their various schools.

There are many questions and opinion that is renting the air everyday on the re- opening of schools, but my own views may be different or not satisfactory enough, but at least everyone is entitle to it.

Not all private schools can meet up or follow the guidelines and procedures as been laid down by the Federal Government for all schools in case school reopens.

Not all private schools are up to the standard to produce the safety equipment that the Federal Government demands of all schools in case the Federal Government orders reopening of schools.

Even not all Pubic or Private institutions can meet up the basic requirements of the Federal Government, except the Federal Government will provide the part of the funds needed to run the school amid Covid-19 to absorb the effect of the pandemic.

Ghana and many countries have already tried this, and the outcome was very bad and devastating. So, all those pestering the Federal Government to reopen schools because religions centre, markets, bank, etcetera were opened amidst the pandemic should calm their nerves.

Safety is important and this is a matter of life and death, the pandemic is real and many cases were recorded everyday in the country.

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