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Man Must Survive: Classroom Turned into Poultry Farm in Borno State (PHOTOS)

The impact of COVID-19 is really having its toll on the economy especially on the educational sector. The doors of both private and public schools, from primary to tertiary institutions have remain under bolt and key for quite some months now. In other to survive, a lot of people, especially school proprietors are improvising various ways. Since nothing is been said about the resumption of schools Nation wide, I wonder how school teachers and school proprietors are really surviving this hard time.

It is in the light of all of challenges, that a classroom in Borno state has been converted by its owner into a poultry farm, as schools all over the country has remain closed due to the dreaded novel coronavirus pandemic that is globally ravaging many nation's economy. You will not blame the owner of the school, as this is one way to fight the economic hardship caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The photos in this article shows how this classroom has become a home for domestic fowls. Rearing of domestic birds needs space for the birds to grow fast and big, little wonder the classroom is been put into use.

The saying that necessity is the mother of invention is true. Rather than allow the space lie fallow, the chairs and desk in the classroom were piled on top of each other on one side of the room to create space for rearing of the domestic birds.

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