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Certain jobs that could increase vulnerability to COVID-19 and other infections (opinion)

The ravaging effect of COVID-19 on people around the world can't be overemphasized as the number of infected people continue to rise on daily bases.

As a dreadful infection that is capable of destroying anyone infected by it, the virus is also sending shocking waves around the world by affecting not just life but the world's economy.

However, there are some common jobs that i believe can make one more vulnerable to getting easily infection with COVID-19 or other kinds of infections

Street sweepers

Although in most developed countries, machines an robots are mostly used in cleaning up the streets, tons of counties still rely on the hired services of street cleaners.

It's a job that demands the worker's presence early in the morning on the street. Different preceding activities must have been carried out the previous day, which means there is a high possibility of viral and bacterial infections from contaminated particles in the air and on the ground.

Trash cleaners

Next is a job very related to street cleaners, which is disposing off of waste. You will agree with me that when waste is stacked in one position for a long period of time, especially in an open environment, it poses a treat to people living around.

Judging from the fact that waste could have been touched by a person who is COVID-19 positive, it entails that those in charge of properly disposing off this trash also stand a great risk of being infected

Roadside police and tragic officers

This job category does not necessarily involve handling physical dirt, but it surely involves spending hours in open air and coming in contact (sometimes physically) with motorists among other road users.

When this becomes a daily routine, it can expose one to risks of being infected by any form of infection

Taxi Drivers

The fact that taxi drivers can possibly come in contact with hundreds of people puts them in a more delicate situation. By providing services for passengers, they carry different people from unknown sources from one destination to another.

The process of exchanging money for the service rendered is more that enough to initiate a transfer of infection.

Some other jobs like trading goods and services in markets also increase potential risks of being vulnerable to COVID-19

However, since the social distancing rule may not be helpful or achievable in such cases, following other safety guidelines such as frequent washing of hands and use of hand sanitizers, wearing a face mask could help to prevent contacting such infections.

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