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President with covid 19 denies he has the virus.

What Brazil president said about his symptoms.

Critical observation and testing has proven that Brazil president is infected with corona virus, before propal confirmation by medical expert he was allegedly accused of being positive,but he said he didn't have covid 19 he climbed that it was just a little "flu" . Despite the high risk of him dying from the virus because he was age 65.

He took the medical test for the fourth time on Monday after developing major corona virus symptoms such as high temperature and cough. Jair Bolsonaro which is the name of the Brazilian president who was infected by the dreadful virus out of carelessness and a nonchalant attitude towards precautionary measure as expert says. Was seen taking photo with a girl at a hot dog stand without face mask, he also attended some conference and relayed without his face mask on. He opposed the lockdown measure's saying it will cause harm to the economy. U.S president was suspected earlier of contacting the virus because he shook hand with the Brazilian president in a conference, but later was found to be negative of the virus.

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