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NCDC Has Given A New Update - Read The Funny Reactions Of Facebook Users That Will Make You Laugh.

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It is now another day that NCDC has come with a new report of the covid-19. It has been for weeks now that people are tired of the report. Whenever an update is made, they will just laugh and drop funny comments.

Anytime the update is made, they will just look for the state with the highest number and hail them. Some believe that NCDC are just making fake reports because to make them scare.

All that people want is to continue with their normal activities. But due to the report, everything is still not going well.

Students are not happy with all these reports because they want to resume to their various schools. Not only students, even workers and business men and women also.

NCDC are now telling us that the whole country is not safe because all states are now in the list.

If you read the comments below carefully, you will see the opinion of different people across the country.

Since all these days, NCDC have been making serious updates about covid-19. Have you ever seen anybody that is a victim in your area. Because the fact is many people are denying their reports. So you can also prove the report to be right or wrong by giving your opinion.

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