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School Resumption; See The Reasons Why They Must Open schools September 2020 (Opinion)

School Resumption: see the reasons why they must open schools September 2020

All school have been closed since April and whether this is a good gesture for the stability and development of the country is left for it's leaders to answer.

Closure of schools is for the curbing of the COVID-19 pandemic if so true then why are markets, banks open and why will the Federal government allow the conduction of elections. In my opinion it makes no difference closing down schools and leaving other social gathering open especially markets where the people do not adhere to social distancing.

Here are some the reason why I think schools should be opened.

To Boost the percentage of employed Nigerians

Since the lockdown was declared and schools were automatically closed we learnt the rate of unemployment has gone high and this is greatly affecting the country's economy. The population of Nigeria has been estimated to be 200+ million in the year 2016 and it's growing rapidly. According to trade economy unemployed Nigerian makes up about 76.90% of the population. This was in 2019 by now I believe it must have increased.

Private schools are one of the major source of employment for Nigerian youths both for graduates and undergraduates. However, now that schools are closed down all those Working in private schools have automatically lost their jobs. Private schools provide jobes ranging from janitor to ICT management

It does not affect healthy lifestyle or promote spread of COVID-19

Opening schools will not affect a healthy lifestyle or promote spread of COVID-19 in as much as the school management will adhere to the guidelines of Federal Government for schools. It is now left for the Federal and state government to put in place measures that will ensure every school follows the guidelines of Nigeria centre for disease control (NCDC) and the Nigeria Ministry of Health. If laws and regulations are metered out such laws as closure if schools which defaults. I think every school will make sure they follow the layed down laws.

Economic growth

Schools are one system that helps to make the country lively and economy booming, we are not narrowing ourselves to private schools alone but also to public schools, from the Nursery to the university level. I think if markets can be opened then it is out of place to close schools because they all contribute to economic growth and stability.

The Federal government should think twice on the closure if schools as this is affecting it's citizens, they should work out possible means of opening schools amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

What's your opinion on this?

Should schools be opened?

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