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Man Burns 84 Dead Pigs, Recording Losses Over Disease Outbreak On His Farm. People React (Photos)

The struggle of the country is not just about corona virus deaths among humans and animals but also about the spread other diseases. This has added to more loss of lives unfortunately.

Earlier, a man with the username Nigeria Farmer brought to the attention of the struggles farmers are currently going through. He shared how a colleague burned up 84 dead pigs after they suffered and died from Swine Fever.

Out of these 84 digs who died, 54 of them were pregnant sows. This is such a huge loss considering how much they must have invested to grow these pigs and instead of profiting, the swine disease has taken them away.

This has been one of the many cases of dead pigs recorded by farmers in Nigeria. Months ago, when the swine disease broke out leading to huge loss of billions among farmers, some of these farmers loss their lives because they could not live with the losses.

Government should do better and help eradicate the swine disease, as it seems it us barely being managed by farmers alone. This is hindering productivities against demands of pigs around the country.

However, here are some reactions from Nigerians as they share experiences in relation to the issue:


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Dead Pigs Man Burns Nigeria Swine Fever


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