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Covid-19: Federal Government Releases Interesting Facts About Madagascar's Herbal Cure

The federal government of Nigeria has publicly made known that the Madagascar's Herbal Covid-19 remedy ,is not strong enough to cure coronavirus, this was made known by the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Research and Development (NIPRD) ,it said that in its findings about the claimed coronavirus herbal Cure,it was deemed not strong and able to Cure the virus.

According to the agency, studies have proven,and shown real Facts about this herb, saying that it doesn't support and aide normal body activities and performance.

according to the director-general of the national institute of pharmaceutical research and development, Dr. Obi Adigwe, said the herb contains mainly Artemisia annua, which mainly works to reduce the rate of cough with high dosage, establishing an effect equall to that produced by the centrally acting cough-suppressant, dihydrocodeine.

However, the agency said that the herbal products contain Artemisia annua as one of the components. Both samples have the Contents equivalent to those of the plant grown in NIPRD.

Adding to this,they noted that the impression created by the labelling, the two "Covid Organics" products are not the same with GPA sweeter with a higher extractive value than OPB. facts being presented shows that reaserches on the products indicated the presence of artemisinin.

In summary , the agency said it has prepared its own product which is likely to be ready for presentation within the next six months. So in other words they are trying to get theirs up instead of buying from Madagascar.

Do you think that this is another scheme to make money? Seeing that theirs and Madagascar's own are similar,or are they trying to condemn the herbal Cure indirectly?

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