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Covid-19: NCDC Sends Warning to Nigerians Using Face Shield

Covid-19: NCDC Sends Warning to Nigerians Using Face Shield

Since the outbreak of the pandemic disease-COVID-19, in the country on 27th of February, 2020, the National Centre for Disease Control-NCDC, has continually issued the needed guidelines to prevent the spread of the novel Coronavirus.

Besides, the country has intensified enforcement of Covid-19 guidlines, ever since the exponential increase in the Covid-19 cases being recorded in the country. Among this guidlines are; wearing a face mask when in public places, keeping away from Mass gatherings and maintaining of physical distance of 2 meters, among others.

Also, it will be recalled that according to the data released by the NCDC, on the 17th of July, 2020, it was revealed that the total Covid-19 cases in the country has now risen to over 35,000, with 772 deaths.

However, recently there have been suuden surge among Nigerians with the use of face shields, as a form of protection from contracting Covid-19, however, while speaking on the use of the face shield, the NCDC warned that face shield alone cannot give protection against the novel Coronavirus, as it urged the public to ensure the wearing of facemasks in combination with the shields.

The NCDC made this known via it's official social media page on Friday and said:

"COVID-19 is primarily spread via respiratory droplets from infected people ‬

‪A face shield alone cannot protect you. Remember to always wear a face mask when in public places & maintain a physical distance of 2 meters.

#Take Responsibility"

Meanwhile, some Nigerians have been complaining about the inconveniences that will come along with wearing of facemasks and face shields at the same time, while others argued that it's advantage is far more than the inconveniences it may bring.

As a person, will you be willing to wear both facemask and face shield simultaneously ?

Kindly share your thoughts on this.

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